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Press Coverage of “MEANT TO RISE” EP

“Classic epic songwriting with a modern pop twist!” – Luke Tozour (Pink, Katy Perry, Mika)

“nice rock edge with some real pop sensibilities” – Bill Burrs (RCA Label Group)

“True DIY power pop that should turn some heads. If not, you’re not listening properly.” – Alan Cross (ExploreMusic, The Secret History of Rock)

“…a comfortable space between emo and the grittier side of power pop…some very radio-friendly material.” – Vintage Guitar Magazine

“…I love them for their Muse-like drama, the big vocals, and their creativity” – Relate Magazine

SPiN is easily one of the most prolific, accomplished, and hard working bands not just from their hometown of Philadelphia, but in all of the US. Carrying the flag of epic rock songwriters like Queen, The Cars, and Muse, SPiN has landed praise across all mediums including radio, charts, tv and film, and a healthy amount of glowing press. The band just released a poignant cover of Marvin Gaye’s classic, “What’s Going On”, featuring Nickey Knoxx – and it’s an absolute stunner. It’s off the band’s upcoming EP Meant To Rise.” – Vents Magazine

Pushed Around” has the potential to be a radio monster. The rhythm combined with harmonies are off the charts. All the ingredients are there for this to invade the ALT/AOR formats nationwide. If you listen closely, you can hear some Smashing Pumpkins flavor. KILLER CUT!”  Nor’easter Entertainment Magazine

“A somber, three track power ballad work complete with intense electric guitar riffs, SPiN genre hops with their latest. My Hysteria is robust and intriguing, and every bit an EP you’ll want to check out.” – Impose Magazine

“An expertly unvarnished rock feel permeates “Someone New” and is reminiscent of the Dead Weather or Black Keys. With a good pace and catchy lyrics, listeners will certainly get this track stuck in their head.” – The Celebrity Cafe

”…a good example of that sort of catchy pop hard rock that Queen became so famous for… it’s so poppy and catchy…there is nothing not to like about this lot.” –

“…a perfect blending of the best elements of Power Pop. It’s a meeting of The Raspberries, The Cars, Queen, The Ramones, Rick Springfield, and (especially, imo) The Knack, distilled down to only the best and then fuel injected with enough high energy Pop Punk to fuel the entire country for a year and a half.” –

“Hard-driving power chords, tight harmonies, pounding percussion and the precise presentation offered by SPiN make this EP a MUST LISTEN and MUST BUY.” – Nor’easter Entertainment Magazine

“SPiN makes Philadelphia proud with full length debut, “Believe.”…With its synthesis of synth pop with rock aggression and catchy melodies, SPiN act as an adolescent version of Muse” –

“Stellar musicianship, vocals and writing make this one not to be missed…easily one of the surprises of the year.” – FMQB

“‘Don’t Look Down’ has single success stamped all over it” –

“reminded of vintage weezer hooks and melodies” –

SPiN takes the melodic rock tendencies of 1970’s heavyweights Styx or Queen while maintaining a modern edge that makes them highly appealing across several age demographics.” –

“a unique combination…70’s power-pop…with very modern-sounding synthesizer. ” –

“the pop-rock quartet are starting to break through on a national level.” – Chartattack

“the melodicism of the songs and some nice hooks keep these songs in your head.” –

“…catchy electronic rock madness…radio ready pop rock” –

” “Don’t Look Down” is a highly catchy rock tune; a likely single and another track that will get stuck in your noggin and hang around for a while.” –

“With songs ranging from soaring ballads to driving hard rock, the tracks on “Believe” will get stuck in your head, it’s just a matter of which one.” –

“…the band launches into a series of well-crafted, high-energy rock songs that are extremely enjoyable and a fun listen.” –

“…they sound like a cross between Queen and The Cars to me.” – Tannehill Trader Magazine

“Take the band SPiN. Hoo boy, they’re so real I had to invent a new genre just for them… And how cool is that?” – Las Vegas Weekly

“… Spin are hot shags and fantastic songwriters… ” – Philadelphia Weekly

“Some bands are just about getting chicks, partying, having a stage to exploit their egos,” Cieplinski said. “All of that is also true in our case, by the way.” – South Philly Review Newspaper